The Washington Township Historical Society dedicated a memorial to Veterans from the township that did not return from war.  The ceremony of 30 Jun 2013 was attended by Mary Key and Jerry McCallum as representatives of Lorin WilsonRueben Grimes was represented by Janet Palmer of Minerva.  Mary Kay sent a phamphlet which is converted here (click on images for a larger version):

pic of stone listing on
Memorial Stone

The good news is certainly the fact that this rural community decided to recognize the sacrifice with canon firing and roll call, etc.  I am sure that this is appreciated by the Wilson family and the many other families involved.  The bad news is reflected by the fact that they failed to properly spell Lorin's name, a glaring error that is not easy to correct.  Lorin is also memorialized, with other local KIA from WW I by a stone on the Alliance Town Square.