Reference to Simeon Donaldson as a Musical Player in Western Pennsylvania
from :  Ohio and Pennsylvania reminiscences:  illustrations from photographs taken mainly in Mahoning, Columbiana and Beaver Counties, 1880 to 1916 by Ira F. Mansfield.  Tribune Printing Co., Beaver Falls, Pa. 1916  (scann from pp. 160,161)

pp. 160,161

Family lore maintains that Simeon Donaldson, grandfather of Fern Donaldson Wilson, was involved in the formation of the Alliance, Ohio City Band.  The reference above, which pretty much has to refer to Fern's Grandfather, tends to support this notion.  The initial discovery of this was by George Harold 'Pete' Donaldson, Jr. via a Google search producing this page as an OCR transfer to digital at this website.  This, quite interesting, book was acquired by Hugh Wilson via Interlibrary Loan (TAMU and the University of Delaware) and scanned in August of 2011.  Simeon's cornet survives today and can be seen in this clip (by Paul Marckel) featuring a discussion of his death by his granddaughters.