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As I Remember It
Vivian Wilson Starr (1976)
Memoirs of over 50 Years
Olin Glenwood Wilson (1977)
My Memoirs
Arwilda Emma Wilson Summers (1977)
Union Avenue History
Laura Wilson McCallum
More History Laura Wilson McCallum
Christmas Letter (and Frutigen Genealogy)
Cordetta Grossen Valthauser (1984)
A Tribute to Lorin Wilson from his Sister
Vivian Wilson Starr (1983)
Donaldson Family Tree
Dorothy Streit Donaldson
Letter - Eliza Wilson to Arwilda Wilson
(transcribed by Laura Wilson McCallum)
Story of Daniel Borton and M. Foughty
(transcribed by Laura Wilson McCallum)
Revolutionary Donaldsons
Compiled by George Harold "Pete" Donaldson (2011)
Daughters of the American Revolution - Applications
Multiple Sources
Silver Cornet Band - 1872 (Simeon Donaldson)
  Ira F. Mansfield, 1916