This page was established in July, 2011 upon receipt of two applications for membership for the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) from Cousin George Harold 'Pete' Donaldson.  As indicated at the DAR website:

      "Previously verified DAR membership and supplemental applications can be used as genealogical research tools as well as documentation for new applications. As long as there is no reason to believe that the lineage or service is incorrect on an older application paper, it can always be used as genealogical proof documentation. If DAR verified the lineage in the past, the applicant does not necessarily have to send documentation to DAR to prove her entire lineage, therefore expediting the process for the applicant and the verifying genealogist."

    Several elements of our lineage (Fairall, Dungan, Borton, etc.) include individuals involved in the U.S. revolutionary war.  Thus, any DAR applications from members of our lineage that we might encounter will be posted here as a source of fundamental information.

    Applications 1 and 2 are based McClean and McClusky connections via Lydia Catherine Milligan, wife of  James Beatty Donaldson, brother of Simeon Donaldson (Fern Donaldson Wilson's Grandfather)

    1.  Ellen Jane Milligan, applying in 1915 

    2.  Martha Gene Cannon, applying in 1976