Hugh Wilson's 3rd Cousin, George Harold "Pete" Donaldson, provided an email with 4 attachments on 25 Feb 2011.  These  2003 vintage MS Word files were converted to HTML, using the MS Outlook email 'convert' option, and pasted into this document as a web archive.  These have not been fully examined and 'digested' locally, and it looks like the info contained below might force alteration of lineage relatiionships that are currently depicted on this document and the Wilson Family Database web output.  This will be determined as time permits via closer inspection.

DOCUMENT #1:  William McCloskey/McCluskey – submitted by Marge Daley Feb 20, 2011

Notes from the DAR application of Martha Jean Cannon:

“The Rev. John McCloskey(McCluskey) of Scotland, a Presbyterian minister, because of the persecution of the Protestants in Scotland, left Scotland and settled in the County of Londonderry, Parish of Drumachore, Ireland.  His son, William McCluskey, (from whom we descend) was born in County Derry, Ireland, in 1750.  William immigrated to America in 1774 on the Brig “Minerva”, under Captain Grigg, landing at Newcastle, Delaware.  He came to America to buy land. William McCluskey lived for a time with an uncle named A. Andrews, an elder of the Presbyterian Church of Faggs Manor, Chester County, Pa., “not far from the Lancaster County line. Octorrara Creek is the dividing line between Lancaster and Chester counties.

William enlisted in the Army of the Revolution and served until the end of the War.  DAR records say William enlisted in the Pierce’s Pensylvania Militia for 2 months from 01 Oct. 1777 to 29 Nov. 1777 and served in Captain James Fulton’s Co.  He then enlisted as a private in the East Nottingham Twsp. Company of the Chester Co. Militia commanded by Joseph Gardner, 2nd Battalion/Lieutenant Col. David Mackay.  The First Lieut. was John Bryans, Second Lieut. Was Joseph Wharry and Ensign was Robert Thompson. 

After the War, William settled in Lancaster Valley, Chester County, Pa. and in 1780 married Catherine Carscaddon (1764-1805).  Catherine was born in Northumberland County, Pa., of Scottish parents whose ancestors were in the siege of Derry.  Her father was James Carscaddon, Sr. and her mother’s name is Letitia. Her siblings are John, James, Jr., Annis, Isabel, Mary, Hugh and Jane. Her father died in Chillisquaque, Northumberland County and his will was probated 14 Aug.1809. 

After the revolution, William moved to Washington County, Pa., where his brother John had settled after coming to this country in 1773.  William lived there until his death. He had a farm in Cecil Township. (Cecil Township is adjacent to Smith Township where Andrew McClean and his daughter Lydia lived.)

Their children were William (1794–1829), Rev. John D., Henry, Mrs. Kate Herriott of Pa., Mrs. Mary Ann Herriott of Ohio, Mrs. Letty Hastings and Mrs. Betsy Ferguson also of Ohio and Mrs. Jane Fulton – afterwards Maxwell – Jane’s husband, Mr. Samuel Fulton of Florence, Washington Co., Pa., was uncle or cousin to Robert Fulton of steamboat fame.  John D. McCluskey graduated from Jefferson College in Philadelphia and became a very prominent Pennsylvania Presbyterian Minister.  John’s biography says he was born in Chester Co. Pa., his father afterwards buying land in Washington Co., Pa. near Cannonsburg – removing to it when John was a little child.

In the 1790 census, Wm./Catherine are living in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

The census of 1800 shows them living in Cecil Twsp, Washington County again.  In 1803 Catherine is born, 1804 Henry is born, 1807 Mary Ann is born.  Information found on the internet (yet to be proved) claims several of their children were born in Octorrara.  There is an Octorara Creek that runs from the Susquehanna River in Maryland and crosses up into Pennsylvania into Lancaster Co.  I’m going to check this further.

The census of 1810 shows them still in Cecil Twsp, Washington Co.  On May 9, 1815, Catherine dies.   DAR records indicate that William marries again to Elizabeth Stuart but I have no dates on this yet.

In 1820, William Sr. is living in Mt.Pleasant Twsp, Washington County and his married son, William Jr. is living next to them. There are no McCluskeys listed in the 1820 Census Index for Chester County.

William, Jr. (from whom I descend) died 16June1829 and is buried in the Norwich Presbyterian Cemetery, Union Township, Muskingum Co., Ohio

William McCluskey, Sr. dies in November in Mt. Pleasant Twsp, Washington Co., Pa.  His will was signed on 19July1831 and is probated there on 02Dec1831. I’m in the process of trying to find the location of his cemetery.  I have a copy of his will.  Unfortunately, he died before claiming a pension for services rendered in the revolution.  Too bad, that would have given me much information.


Just talked to Jean Cannon, the only other lady to join the DAR and claim descent from William McCluskey, Sr.  My notes are mixed up but here goes:  She says that William removed to Venice in Washington Co., Pa.  William and his wife Catherine are buried in the Old Miller’s Run Presbyterian Church not far from Canonsburg.  Information received from one John R. Kauffman, Jr. of the Public Library, Sunbury, Pa 17801 says there are letters of administration in the Court House.  Jean has many letters from her ancestor, Rev. John D. McCluskey, one of which is dated 1827 and says that “He had just visited dear old father and his step-mother (2nd wife Elizabeth Stuart) and several step-sisters.  His brother-in-law, John Fulton, “died last June and left his sister Jane with 3 children.”  She also gave me the following but I don’t know for what: 3rd Scotts & Mariners Presbytery, 412 Old Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19106 as a source for the “Index of Marriages in 1828, Volume 2”.  She never told me who was supposed to be in it. There is also a David E. McLain in 1969 who lived at 1602½ South 6th Avenue, Moorehead, Minnesota 56560.  David is looking for info on Cornelius McClean died 1836 who is the father of George W. McClean who married Wm/Catherine McCluskey’s granddaughter Carolyn Hewling.

Carskaddons: James Carskaddon Sr. died in 1800 and his wife Lettice died in 1855.  They were members of the United Presbyterian Church in Warrior Run in Chillisquaque in 1790 according to their great granddaughter Mary McCluskey Pyle and her sister Catherine.  Wm/Catherine were settlers in Warriors Run, Pa. near Chillisquaque in Northumberland County.  They are both buried in the graveyard at Warrior Run.  Jean’s source was the Princeton Theological Seminary Necrological Report of 1881 in Philadelphia pages 24 & 25.  Says James Carskaddon, Jr. was an elder at said Theological Seminary.  Also, James B. Rogers 1889 pages 136/137 “History of Presbyter of Washington Co., Pa.

DOCUMENT #2:  Andrew McClean submitted by Marge Daley Feb. 20, 2011

Andrew McClean was born on March 9, 1755, on his father’s farm in Lancaster County, Pa.  Research indicates that his parents are Cornelius McClean and Jean Steel. (See will abstract of Cornelius McClean on bottom of page 3)   His father’s farm was originally in the southern tip of Lancaster Co PA.  When Mason & Dixon drew the line establishing the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, it threw Andrew’s father’s farm four miles into Cecil County, Maryland. 

In Andrew’s pension application he says that in the year of 1775, he left home and went to the town of Carlisle in Cumberland County, Pa. to visit his uncle the Reverend John Steele and his cousin John Steele, Esq.  In July 1776, Andrew joined the Carlisle Militia, 12th Pennsylvania Line, in which his cousin John Steele was a Captain.  He served in the militia for three months at which time Andrew enlisted in the Continental Army.   The 12th Pennsylvania Line was merged into the 3rd Pennsylvania regiment by the time they left Valley Forge.  Andrew first served as a private, then sergeant and then as Quarter Master Sergeant of the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.  He fought in the Battles of Long Island(27Aug1776), Covering Force, retreat from Long Island(29-30Aug1776), Fort Washington NY(16Nov1776), Trenton(26Dec1776), Princeton(03Jan1777),  Brandywine(11Sep1777), Germantown (04Oct1777), Whitemarsh(6-10Dec1777), crossed the Delaware River with George Washington and wintered at Valley Forge, Monmouth(28Jun1778), and on 31Dec1780 he was honorably discharged by William Alexander, (called Lord Stirling affectionately as he was supposed to be the illegitimate son of the real Lord Stirling), at Washington’s camp at Morristown, New Jersey.  He served a total of 5 years.

Andrew returned to his father Cornelius’ farm in Nottingham Twshp in Cecil County, Md.  He married Margaret Anderson on 21Feb1786 in Cecil Co., Maryland

(Maryland Marriages 1667-1899). My supposition that Margaret Anderson’s (b.1760) parents were Daniel and Sarah Cole Anderson is incorrect.  I have a copy of Daniel’s will and his daughter Margaret married somebody other than our Andrew.  So far, I have not researched any Anderson’s in the original Lancaster Co PA, only the ones in Maryland.

Andrew & Margaret McClean’s first daughter Ann was born in 1787, the year the family moved west to Washington Co., Pa.   Their daughter Jane was born in 1794.  Their daughter Lydia was born in 1799.  I don’t have the dates of birth for his other children.

On the 18th of February, 1794, Mr. Smith sold the two hundred and ninety-nine acres of the Neusly tract, and twenty-five of the “Shady Grove” patent to Andrew McClean (Crumrines History of Smith Twp. PA).  Andrew farmed this land in Smith Township where he lived out the remainder of his life.

Andrew’s wife Margaret died in Washington Co. in 1830.  In 1832,  Andrew applies to the War Dept. for a pension.  It was approved 07Dec1832.  He is still living on his farm in Smith Twsp and is listed on the Pension Roll of Washington Co. 1835.  Andrew died on his farm in Smith Twsp.  Burial location is not proved at this time but it is believed to be in the cemetery of the Racoon Creek Presbyterian Church.  His will was probated in Washington County and his son James is his executor.

Andrew’s daughter, Lydia, married William McCluskey, Jr., of Mt. Pleasant Twsp., Washington Co., Pa. by 1817.  William & Lydia have four children born in Washington Co., Pa. and removed to William’s father’s land in Union Twsp, Muskingum Co., Ohio where William died in 1829 leaving her a widow.  Lydia returned to Washington Co. where her father assumed guardianship of her children. In William Sr.’s will, he leaves this land (65 acres) in Union Twp, Muskingum Co to his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Joseph Ferguson.

 Andrew’s son James married Caroline Cover, inherited his father’s farm upon his death and stayed in Smith Twsp. Washington Co.

Andrew’s daughter Ann married Matthew McCombs who died of injuries received in the War of 1812 leaving her with two children of which one dies young.  After Andrews death, Ann and her son Andrew McClean McCombs moved west to Richland County, Ohio, as did her widowed sister Lydia McCluskey and her children.

 Andrew’s daughter Jane married Samuel Fulton, Jr.

  Andrew’s daughter Hannah married Joseph Smith.

 Andrew’s daughter Margaret married James Millikan. I have a copy of the DAR application of Margaret and James’ daughter Ellen Jane Milligan dated 10/12/1915 from Wooster-Wayne Co Ohio.

 All of Andrew’s daughters moved west to Richland Co., Ohio, after the death of their father in 1839.




1)     Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol. 16 shows 5shillings was left to Martha McClean in the will of William Reynolds, Cecil County Planter, probated 11Sep1775.

2)     Revolutionary Patriots of Cecil Co. MD, Henry C. Peden, Jr., Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD 1991, page 73 shows that James McClean, John McClean and Robert McClean all took the Oath of Allegiance (A-10)

3)     Index of The Inhabitants of Cecil County, 1649-1774 page 200 shows the following references to Daniel McClean:

a.     Page 43, Tax Lists of 1761 – Daniel McClain listed in the Taxables in 1761 in North Milford Hundred

b.     Page 55, Fines Due to the Lord Proprietary 1746 – 1774  -  Fines in 1774 – Daniel McClean, Jr.

c.     Page 66, North Milford Hundred, Constable George Catto’s List of Persons Paid for Squirrel Scalps Burn In The Year 1761, Daniel McClean

d.     Taxable Persons In Cecil County in 1752(Page 1 of 10) page 122, Daniel McClean

4)     1776 Census of Maryland

a.     Susquehanna Hundred, Harford Co., MD(opposite the Port Deposit area – Cecil was not included in the census) shows Anderson, Daniel aged 45 and his wife Sarah age 39 and his daughter Mary age 18, Sarah age 15, Margaret age 13, Charles age 9 and Prissiller age 2 and 6 negroes

5)     Account Books – In the Possession of the Maryland Archives show:

a.     Book No.55-continued – no page - Account of Geo. Vansant admr. Susanna Vansant, decd. Mentions Thos. Gilpin & Wm. Hedges.  Sureties:  Otho Pennington & Daniel McClean

b.     Book No. 48-continued – page 309 - Add. Account Theophilus Alexander & Moses Scott, extrs. Wm. Ferguson, decd. Legacy to Daniel McClain in right of his wife.  10-29-1762. Sureties: John Caldwell & Hugh Longwell.

c.     Book No. 27-continued – page 315 - Account Edward Armstrong admr. Cornelius McLean, decd. Sureties: Thomas Allison and John McLean, the only representative 2-27-1749-50.

6)     Tax Assessments – 5th District – West Nottingham Hundred – 1789 shows: GOOD INTENT (THE) 1789;  James McClean(McLean);

a.     Cert 106 3/4A, Lib IC#D, f 583;

b.     Patent 106 3/4A, Lib IC#E, f 220; Pop. By McClean, Patent 12 Dec. 1789, RR6, f 468;

c.     Patented cert #353

7)     1783 Tax List of Cecil County, Maryland,

a.     West Nottingham Hundred, Cecil Co., Page 28, Single Men in West Nottingham  -  Robert McClain

b.     Susquehanna and Octorara Hundreds, page 30, John McClain, land called McClains Folly

c.     1783 Return for West Nottingham Hundred, Cecil County Maryland – John McClain

8)     First Census of the United States 1790

a.      page 46 West Nottingham Hundred  William McClean – 3 males and 3 females ages 16 and up

b.     page 45 Octoraro Hundred John McLean 1 male and female over 16



                           Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

The will of Cornelius McClean in Hopewell Twp was made 23Nov1789 and probated on 06Apr1796.

Wife Jean –

Children: Jean, John, Andrew, Daniel, Mrs. Mary Gordon, Allen McLean. 

Executors: wife Jean McLean and son John McLean.

Wit: Jas. Dunlap, David Mahon, George McCleary   F.20-21


The will of John McLean signed on January 10, 1801 and probated August 17, 1834

Wife Mary

Children: Jane wife of Robert Smith, Margaret, Samuel and William, minor sons John, Ebenezer C., and James, Ruth and Mary

Mother-in-Law Jane McLean

Executors: Wife Mary, son Samuel and Alexander Peebles, Esq.


Will of Allan McClean signed in Tyrone Co. on 01Aug1786 and probated 26Nov 1786

      Wife Agnes

       Children: Allan, John, Jean, son-in-law William Reed and Elizabeth

                 Executors were Son Allan McClean and John Sharp, Sr.

                 Witnesses: William McClure, John Sharp, Sr. George Hamilton E.92 

Rev. John Steel was in the Carlisle area of Cumberland Co. as early as 1768.  He was a minister, of course, but also was a Captain in the French & Indian War and Revolutionary War.  His son John Steel was a Captain in Revolutionary War.       

Cornelius McClean is not listed in the Pa Archives series so he most likely didn’t leave Maryland till later I would guess that after Andrew’s marriage he went with his son to Cumberland County.  Cornelius was in Hopewell Twp Cumberland County which is exactly where the Carscaddon’s were in 1790.

A Cornelius McClean’s will was probated in Maryland in 1749, so there were McCleans there early.  This could possibly age wise be a grandfather of our Cornelius McClean.  Most McCleans in Chester County were in the north of the county.  There was a Daniel McClean buried at Faggs Manor Church.

DOCUMENT #3:  McCluskey, Steele and McClean Web Sites



Reverend Captain John Steele

Steele Family

Vickie Bell Posting - McClean

Vickie Bell Posting – McClean cousin to Steele

Andrew McClean Will

DOCUMENT #4:  Revolutionary War - Donaldson (A summary of the above from Pete Donaldson - I think)

The following shows our probable Donaldson ties to RW Veterans William McCluskey and Andrew McClean via Lydia McClain/McClean/McLain and William McCluskey/McCloskey, Jr.  Also, Andrew McClean’s mother (Lydia’s grandmother) was apparently the sister of Reverend Captain John Steels, whose two sons, John II and Robert, served part time with their cousin, Andrew McClean. Multiple spellings of Steel, McCluskey and McClean caused some confusion. Direct descendents of McCluskey, Steele and McClean in bold.               

Rev. John McCluskey               

i  John McCluskey              

ii  William McCluskey, Sr. 1749-1831 (RW) m (1) Katherine  Kerskaden 1764-1815             

i  Letty McCluskey m. James Hastings             

ii  Elizabeth McCluskey m. Joseph Ferguson             

iii  Rev. John D. McCluskey m. Lydia Hall       

iv  Jane McCluskey m. (1) John Fulton d. abt 1827 (2) Samuel Maxwell       

v  James McCluskey (died young)       

vi  Catherine McCluskey b. 1803 m. James Herriott       

vii  Henry McCluskey b. 1804 m. Mary Ann Langan       

viii  Mary Ann McCluskey b. 1797 m. George Herriott       

ix  William McCluskey, Jr. 1794-1829 m Lydia McClain/McClean 1799-1862       

I John A. McCluskey b. 1819 m. Elizabeth Hyatt      

ii Margaret Ann McCluskey 1822-1892 m Jared Milligan 1812-1886       

i  Ella Milligan (Wooster, OH) 

ii  S. Milligan (Shreve, OH)

iii  Scott Milligan (Cedar Falls, IA)     

iv  Frank Milligan (WY) 

v  William Milligan (Toledo, OH) 

vi  John Milligan (Canton, OH) 

vii  Maggie (Milligan) Sheets (Omaha, NB)     

viii  Lydia Catherine Milligan 1844-1906 m. James B. Donaldson         

iii  Catherine McCluskey b. 1825           

iv  Lydia McCluskey b. 1828           

Steele Parents Unknown               

I  Rev. Captain John Steel/Steele 1715-1779 m. Margaret Hutchison d. 1779             

i John Steele, II. (RW) d.1812              

ii Lydia Steele m. Robert Semple/Sample             

i Steel Semple/Sample            

iii Elizabeth Steele m. Makinly/McKinley             

iv Margaret Steele m. Samuel Blair             

v Sarah Steels             

vi Robert Steele (RW) b. 1753-6 d.1836 m. Esther Rowe      

vii Andrew Steele b. abt 1764 m. Mary Stitt 


viii Mary Steele 1747-1823 m. (1) John McClean b. 1740 (2) James Mitchell      

i John Steel McClean b. 1766-69 m. Elizabeth Kirk    

Three children by Mitchell


ix Jean (Jane?) Steele d.1825 


ii  Jean Steele b. abt 1738 m Cornelius (John?) McClean       

Andrew McClean 1755-1839 (RW) m. Margaret Anderson 1760-1830      

i Lydia McClean 1799-1862

 RW – Served during the Revolutionary War                  

End of document and merger of attached MS Word documents send by Pete Donaldson to assorted relatives, including Hugh Daniel Wilson, on 25 Feb 2011.
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