Vivian Lavern Wilson was born in Alliance in the State Street frame home on March 3, 1907. When she was four, the family moved into the new red brick home built by Daniel and Margaret on East State Road. She attended State Street Elementary school, graduated from Alliance High School in 1924, Mount Union College in 1928, and earned her Masters degree from Kent State University in 1964.
    After Vivian spent a year teaching at Henderson Settlement Mission School in Kentucky, she and Leighton Paul Starr, born December 23, 1902 in Brecksville, Ohio, were married June 1, 1929. Leighton was a teacher of math and science, and later became a school superintendent.
    Leighton lost his sight in 1951, and Vivian at that time began a teaching career in science which lasted 22 years until she retired in 1973. In 1962 Leighton, although blind, began teaching mathematics at Kent State University, and continued 11 years until he retired in 1973.

Children of Vivian and Leighton

    Sterling Verne Starr was born December 25, 1930 in Carrollton, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University in 1953 with a masters in aeronautical engineering. July 13, 1957 Sterling and Joan Leer, a teacher, were married and settled in San Diego where Sterling pursued a career in aeronautical engineering with General Dynamics Corporation, while Joan taught school until Brian Lay ton Starr was born March 23, 1964. Now, the family lives in St. Louis, and Sterling is Vice President of Corporate Planning of General Dynamics Corporation.
    Donna Lou was born in Malvern, Ohio, February 22, 1934. She graduated from Capital University, earned her Masters Degree in Social Sciences at Illinois University, and married Valentine Edward Zadnik on August 23, 1958. Val completed his doctorate in geology in 1960, and has been in the employ of the United States Government much of the time since as a geological researcher. Donna, as a social worker, has worked many years with pre-school blind children, and is now an administrator at the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind in Washington, D.C.
    Donna and Val have four children: Anthony Paul, born September 15, 1959; Christine Janelle, born November 18, 1960; Jerome Adelbert, born November 28, 1961; and Rudolph Leighton, born October 26, 1963. The Zadnik family lives In Arlington, Virginia.
    Sandra Sue was born March 27, 1936 in Malvern, Ohio. She graduated from Mount Union College in 1958, and studied one year at Harvard. On June 14, 1959 she married a young Methodist minister, the Rev. John McLachlan. They have two children: Daniel Robert, born in Wilton, Maine on June 17, 1961; and Karen Lynn, born in Alliance, Ohio on September 7, 1962. The family is building their permanent home near Wooster, Ohio, while their present parish is in Norton, Ohio. Sandra is attending Akron University, preparing to become a medical technician.
    Gordon Gregory Starr was born in Auburn, Ohio on November 28, 1944. He graduated from Allegheny College, and earned a Masters in Business Administration at Stanford University in 1967. He and Lily Nectar Harootunian were married July 6, 1969. They are living near Washington, D.C., and are both employed by Mr. Earhart in the Earhart Seminar Training Program.

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