Pentz Cemetery is located on the south line of the Southeast quarter of Sec. 5 in Knox Twp., on Hartley Road.  This list is composed from 2 separate lists which were compiled by (1) Mary P. Borton and Daniel Wilson, Alliance Ohio on 2 Oct 1938, and which was published in the Ohio Genealogical Quarterly, page 226; (2) by Hallie Jones of Homeworth,Ohio, on 24 Aug 1966. Permission to publish granted by Mrs. Jones, for which we extend our grateful thanks.


1st row, west side, south end

BORTON, Horace P., 1832-1900 (b 19 Jan 1832, d Nov 1900)

BORTON, Pauline C or S., 1841-1904 (b 17 Oct 1841, d 1 June 1904)

HILTON, John, b 25/27 Apr 1803), d 23 Oct 1870 ae 67y 1m 27d

HILTON, Mary, w/o John & family of Jacob MOTZ, d 8 Aug 1855, ae 58y 6m 23d

STEEL, Susannah , w/ o John , d 8 May 1847 ae 42y

PENTZ, Katharine, w/o Christopher, d 22 Aug 1838, ae 62y 3m 19d

PENTZ, John, d 7 Sept 1883, ae 88y 6m 12d

PENTZ, Elizabeth, w/o John, d 10 Oct 1877 ae 79y 5m 21d Mother

Row 2, north end

PENTZ, Christianna, d 22 May 1894, ae 96y 10m 22d Mother

PENTZ, Peter, d 8 Oct 1873, ae 80y 6m (7/17)d

LUKE, Phebe, w/o John C., d 5 Apr 1842, ae 20y (1/7)m 8d

             Sarah Jane, d/o John C. & Phebe, d 4 Apr 1842, ae 1y 1m 4d

_____,______ corroded stone, nothing except 7th, 1847, ae 27y 5m 19d

PENTZ, Sarah, d/o Christianna & Peter, d 4 May 1849 ae 13y 8m 13d

WILSON, Amos M., d 27 May 1888 ae 55y 7m (26/28)d Vet 61-65, Co K, 80 Rgt OVI

                 Charlotte, w/o Amos M., d (20/29) May 1916, ae 89y 10m

Row 3, south end

BORTON, Mary E., d/o HP & PS, d 10 Sept 1866, ae 1y 11m 11d

WILSON, Mary E., d/o A & C, d 18 Apr 18(63/68) ae 3y 1m

WILSON, Cyrus B., s/o A & C, d 24 Sept 1857 ae 3y 7m

WILSON, Amos, s/o A & C, d (3/22) May 18(52/62) ae 1y 3m 7d

WILSON, Daniel B., s/o A & C, d 27 Jan 1850 ae 1y 13d

CONN, Allis Anna, w/o J., d 23 Feb 1849 ae 36y 6m 20d

BORTON, Mary, d/o D & M, d 21 Apr 1842, ae 2y 4m 6d

LUKE, Noah---Mary---, d 22 Mar 1842, ae 3y 7m 19d

BANDY, Abraham, ,___________, d 1 Dec 1858 ae 2y 1m 26d

Row 4, north end

HARLAN, Henry, s/o Elwood & Rebecca, d 8 Dec 1845 ae 2m 19d

PIERSON, Mary M., d/o J & DB, d 7 May 1858 ae 2m 23d

BORTON, Mary, w/o Daniel, d 26 Apr 1873 ae 70y (4/8)m 27d Mother

BORTON, Daniel, d (2/28) Oct 1885 ae 84y (1/11)m 19d Father

Row 5, south end

HEFFNER, Eliza J., d/o Jona D. & Sarah J., d (15/25) Oct 18(57/58) ae 1y 10m

HEFFNER, infant son of JD & SJ, d 13 Mar 1858


Row 6, north end

_______, Lovina, illegible

STARR,??, William A., son of _____, d 1 Apr 1861

Row 7, north end

HUFFER, Henry, d 28 Apr 1869 ae (45/47)y 3m 22d

HUFFER, Abraham, d 27 Jan 1865 ae 85y 6m 8d

HUFFER, Esther, his wife, d 21 May 1869 ae 78y 5m 24d

HUFFER, Sarah E., d/o U.R.H.(?), d 6 (Sept/Apr) 1855 ae 2y 9m 15d

CAMERON, Luiza M., d/o A & C, d 12 Dec 1858 ae 7y 11m 3d

CAMERON, Mary J., d/o A & C, d 25 May 1862 ae 21y 2m

CAMERON, Alexander, d 2 May 1868, ae 67y 2m (2/27)d

CAMERON, Joseph (B/E) d 8 Oct 1882, ae 22y 8m 18d

CAMERON, William, b 10 June 1846, d 16 Mar 1885 Brother

                     Catherine, b 22 July 1812, d 24 Apr 1891 Mother

others, from Ohio Genealogical Quarterly:

SCOTT, William A. , s/o Abraham & Catherine, d 18 Apr 1861 ae 2m

FOUGHTY, Michael, grandfather of Horace P. Borton, said to have been aged 1O2y

                 No stone standing. (Ed. Note : a Michael Foughty is listed in 1830 Ohio Census, in Washington Tp., Stark Co.Ohio.)

from Columbiana County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 3, compiled by members of Columbiana County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society; Carol W. Flavell, C. G., Chairman, 1978. (pages 241, 241 copied by Clarence Zackerac from a copy maintained by the Salem Public Library (Ohio Rm. ref. 929.1) and sent to Hugh Wilson; scanned to HTML in January, 2007 for WilsonHome.

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