Wilson Family Items

    The Wilson family home contained an array of material goods associated with Dan and Margaret that began to accumulate in 1909 and ended in 1949 when Elvin and Fern Wilson sold the farm and moved to 356 East Mill Street in Alliance.  Some items from the John Wilson family were probably added when his farm (Union Avenue, West of the Mount Union Cemetery) was sold in 1936.  Dispersal of items connected to John and Dan Wilson is difficult to track, but the need to document what remains was made evident in 2004 when the last Wilson home in Alliance, Ohio was sold and family materials stored for many years in this residence (Briarwood Drive) were dispersed to Florida, California, and Texas.  Items listed below represent a sample of the physical remains of the John/Dan Wilson families when Alliance, Ohio was the geographic center of family life.  They are listed below in an unordered array with linked pages that provide physical description and an overview of provenance, location, and stewardship.
Dan Wilson's Workbench

Laura Wilson McCallum's Corner cupboard/porcelain

Dan Wilson's Watch/Compass

Children's Rocking Chair

Fireplace Mantle Plaque

Civil War Cartridge Box/Memory Albums

Edelweiss from Frutigen

Elvin Wilson Pocket Watch

Salt Crock

Olin Wilson's Elephant  

Sue Grossen's gift to Elvin Wilson (Woven Basket)

John Wilson's Office Clock

Bone Ring - Rueben Grimes

John Wilson's Top Hat

Eliza Wilson's mustache cup 
Margaret Grossen Taylor - Sheriff's Sale

John Wilson's Pocket Watch  

Amos Wilson's Fireplace Tongs  

Elvin Wilson's Shotgun - Stevens 520-30   

Victorian Toothpick Holder 

Christmas Tree - Mary Jane Oesterle Moody


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