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12 gauge shotgun (Elvin Wilson, maybe original with Dan Wilson)

whole gun
Gun used by Elvin Wilson to hunt rabbits, birds, etc.


shotgun tag
  A Stevens model 520-30 (30 inch barrel), full choke.  Arrangement of the safety (within the trigger guard) and the pump release identify this as an early model 520.  I have been unable to run down any info on the serial number (8706) but assume that this will allow firm dating of the weapon.
serial number on inner barrel

     This gun had not been taken apart for, probably, 50 years.  But, after checking out this video, I was able to reveal this portion of the gun and clean up gun powder residue that was probably put there by my father.  Comments with the video clip:  "This shotgun was also sold as the Sears 'Ranger' Model 30 & 31, and also sold by Montgomery Ward as the Model 30. This excellent John Browning designed shotgun was manufactured and sold for over fifty years."  A slightly newer version of the gun is overviewed here.
 serial number on outer barrel

   Serial number on both outside and inside of the barrel.  As indicated on the photo at the left, an 'A' is also present.

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