Wilson Family Items - Sheriff's Sale Sign

     Margaret Wilson was adopted by the Taylor family when she was 12 years old.  As it turned out, her adoption did not work out and, after 1.5 years, she returned to her natural family.  The adoption was, however, a formal and legal event, i.e., her name was Margaret Grossen Taylor.  As overviewed in her journal (sect. II, page 16), this fact became clear in 1897.   Mr. Taylor died in December of 1996, leaving no will, and Margaret was a legal heir to his estate.  Her interactions with Mr. L. M. Stanley and "Judge King" in Youngstown during early 1897 relate to her comment; "Well, I suppose the Taylors will be quite surprised when they hear  that they have one more sister than they thought for they will try very hard to disclaim me, but I trust without avail."  Aside from reference to her trip to visit Judge King on business during July (p. 17), I can find no other mention of this episode in her journal.  The sign pictured below (click for a larger image) is maintained by Joan Summers Green in Zore, Ohio.


  sign (from John Summers Green)


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