Wilson Family Items - Children's Rocker

    This chair, used by both Gary and Hugh Wilson, was present at the Dan Wilson home prior to their births and it probably links back to John Wilson.  Fern Wilson tells of its use by Dan Wilson as a resting place for his leg, which was in a cast due to a fracture, probably about 1939.  His movement of the chair while using it as a prop for his leg created the sharpened tips (arrows, left image).  The chair was transferred from Ohio to the Derek/Christen home in Dallas Texas in 2004 to be was used by Truman Wilson at a time when he was much smaller (below).


Worn tips (arrows)
Seat was replaced in the 1980s
Positioned as a Dan Wilson leg-rest.  Note attached to seat base
Truman Rocks

Its current (2012) primary user is Tate Wilson:

  tate with chair


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