Wilson Family Items - Hand carved bone right - Rueben Grimes

    While going through archival material at Fern Wilson's home in August of 2003, a box containing the objects pictured to the right (below) included a small, green velvet ring box (below, right center).  Close inspection of this revealed a hand-written note tightly folded within the box lid (below, center left) indicating that the ring (below, left) was made from bone by Reuben Grimes, probably in 1863 for his two year old daughter, Mary Emma (later to marry John Wilson).  Reuben, a member of Company 'K', 80th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry (with Amos Wilson), apparently was involved with the Siege of Vicksburg (June 6-July 4, 1863), died at Milliken's Bend, La. on 27 July 1863 and was buried  at the Vicksburg National Cemetery (section B, grave 2648).

      The ring and associated box contents were moved from Alliance, Ohio to College Station, Texas in 2004.

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