Wilson Family Items - John Wilson Pocket Watch

The pocket watch described on his page was donated to the Wilson family archive by Steven McCallum in April of 2012.  Steven is a descendent of Dan Wilson's Sister, Laura.  The watch is a significant family artifact in that it was in close contact, for an extended period of time, with an important and interesting member of the Wilson lineage, "Big John".   The McCallum clan maintains John's Hat and recent family gatherings in Alliance have featured visits to John's farm

    Steven's kind donation is made on the assumption that this physical extension of John Wilson will be preserved and protected by Wilson family members, as it has been maintained by the McCallum family up to this point in time, into the future.

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front of watch,
                  watch - front initials

face of
The front of the case carries a floral design with the initials 'JW' at the center.
This is a closeup of the initials with photoshop enhancement to show the design.
Press the stem of the watch and the case opens revealing the face and the fact that the watch was produced by the Hampden Watch Co., of Canton, Ohio.


jw watch -

jw watch works
jw watcj - case
The back of the watch shows a similar design and a bit more ware.  Pulling the hinged cover reveals the "works"
Papers in the archive, probably taken from Dan or John Wilson's desk, demonstrate that John Wilson was an active Republican and also a strong supporter of William McKinley.  The watch bears the McKinley signature, "Canton, Ohio", and the serial number, 2718662.Information available here suggests that the watch  was produced in 1911.  The case was made by the Crescent Watch Company.  Its serial number is apparently not part of a dated sequence.

From a blog: "C.W.C.Co. tells me that's it's probably a Crescent Watch Case Company case. The star and moon mark on the case is consistent with them, and is how they marked their 20-year gold filled cases. So, it sounds like your watch is gold filled. 20 years means that, when new, the watch case would have been guaranteed to not wear through to brass for 20 years from the date of purchase."

The numbers etched on the side of the case (above, left
) are a bit of a mystery.


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