Wilson Family Items - 'High Top' Hat (John Wilson)

A trunk with objects from the John Wilson home was passed down from Laura Wilson McCallum.  Its contents include the hat pictured below; worn by John Wilson (left) and held by Bill McCallum, John's great grandson.  Tucked within the inner brim of the hat is a note written by Laura, apparently to her granddaughter Helen, Bill's older sister.  Excellent condition of the hat suggests that John did not wear it often, and it is possible that the photo of John Wilson present here (from Mary Kay/Gerald McCallum album) was taken at the family dinner referenced in the note.  Current keeper of the Hat is Gerry McCallum (Alliance, Ohio).

John Wilson with Hat
John Wilson
John Wilson's hat (Bill McCallum)
Bill McCallum
Laura Wilson Note (John's Hat)
note with hat from Laura Wilson McCallum
note transcribed:

I'll try to write you a little of the history of this High Hat.  After your father and mother came home from their honeymoon we had a family dinner here and Great grandpa wore this hat over here.  He looked very grand in it and was quite proud to have a grandson married.

Then when you were born he wore it down town to celebrate the great event - a great granddaughter.  Now we are agreed that you may keep it.  Cherish it and let it help you celebrate the rest of the high spots in your life.  It is from Max Geighers' Clothing Store.  They were in business in Alliance for many years.

Grandma McCallum

Your great grandfather wore this in the parade when McKinley was nominated for president or when elected

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