Wilson Family Items - Dan Wilson Workbench

    All agree that the wooden work bench pictured below was positioned at one time in the basement of the Dan Wilson home on East State Street in Alliance, Ohio.  It moved from there to various Elvin/Fern Wilson dwellings in Alliance and bears the marks of Wilson projects covering at least 3 generations (Dan, Elvin, Gary/Hugh) over nearly 100 years.  It could have been associated with the John Wilson farm on Union Ave. but, until we can run down date of production, its origin is unknown.  The bench was moved from Alliance to College Station, Texas in 2004.  It was cleaned and is now positioned in the garage of Mimosa Farm to function as a working platform for Toni Wilson.  Click on thumbnails for a larger image.

Original Condition - front view
Original Condition - from above, front
Original Condition - from above, side
Original Condition - from below
Screw vice detail
After cleaning - front view

Mailing Label (attached  above drawer) to Mr. Thomas Oyster, Salem, Ohio
Maker tag (attached beneath front horizontal brace) C. Christiansen Co., 2219 Grand Ave., Chicago
Tools associated with bench - probably linked to John, Dan, and Elvin Wilson


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